Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada

Terrain at Big Red Cats

After 10 continuous years of development and opening more terrain each year - we are one of the biggest cat operations in the world. It takes our new guides 2 full seasons of skiing every day to ski all the main runs in our area. We offer:

  • 8 main mountains - numerous ridges and sub-peaks
  • Over 500 named runs (and a bunch of unnamed runs) -  40% expert, 40% advanced, and 20% intermediate
  • 220km of snowcat roads - largest snowcat road network in the world (you can't ski it unless you have a snowcat road!)
  • 47 drainages - in each drainage there are 5-15 runs
  • Altitude range 7300 ft - 4,000ft
  • Average run length 1,400 vertical ft
  • 19,300 acres of terrain
  • Longest run 3,400 vert ft (but practically most days we ski up to 2,600 vert ft as the longest to manage turn-around times).


We do not have any glacieted terrain or any terrain that we would call true alpine terrain  (If you are looking for this alpine terrain it would be better to go skiing with one of the big heli-skiing operations in the spring). However we do have the best glade skiing in the world. We believe that this type of skiing is the most rewarding because the snow quality is always better as the snow quality is far less effected by wind and sun. Also it means that we can often ski steeper lines allows us to play with terrain features. Once people have tried this type of powder skiing/riding there is no going back....

In the Foreground is the base of Red Mountain - in the background is the 8 main Mountains that we ski and ride at Big Red Cats. The area is huge!

View of Red Mountain from Big Red Catskiing

This is a small part of Neptune Bowl - it is open but still with some trees - we ski this type of terrain about 30% of the time.

Neptune Bowl at Big Red Cats

Tree and Glade skiing - this is our bread and Butter skiing we ski this about 40% of the time. This type of terrain never gets weather out and the snowquality always is excellent because it is protected from the sun and wind.

Steep Tree Skiing at Big Red Catskiing

Hard to see from the angle - but this is really steep skiing - top parts of the photo are 45 degrees.

Powder Skiing in the Plutonic Bowl at Big Red Cats

Plutonic bowl - more glade skiing.

View of Plutonic Powder Bowl Skiing
Glade skiing in Plutonic Bowl

For more information on our terrain, check out the pictures and descriptions for each skill level: