Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada


Am I ready for snowcat skiing in deep powder?

If you are a strong intermediate skier or boarder, able to ski with confidence on blue (red in Europe) runs at ski resorts in varying snow conditions (not necessarily powder), you are then ready for snowcat skiing with us in an Intermediate group. You should have been skiing actively for several consecutive years. Backcountry snowcat skiing is not for beginner skiers. As a local rule of thumb, you should be able to ski Red's Paradise "Mini-Bowls" before signing up for an Intermediate tour, you should be comfortable in the "Powderfields" before signing up for an Advanced tour, and you should be enjoying to ski in the trees at Captain Jack's or Cambodia before considering an Expert tour.  If you aren't sure, it is better to underestimate your ability than to over-estimate.