Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada


Can we drink alcohol or smoke weed during the cat ski day?

No, of course not!  

It is not permitted to drink alcohol or use any non-prescription drugs during your cat skiing day.  It is permitted to bring a can (cans only please) of beer to enjoy after you have completed your final run of the day, and what you do in the evenings is your own business, but there can be no drinking during the day, as your inability to focus on instructions may impact the safety of yourself and others in the group.  If you are found to be doing either of the above, you will be "benched" - told to sit in the snowcat for the rest of the day and discontinue skiing.  If you request to be removed from the area, there is a $50 charge.  If you must smoke cigarettes, please consider others and position yourself downwind, so that they can enjoy the fresh air in the great outdoors.