Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada


Can I bring my own transceiver, probe & shovel?

We provide transceivers (Mammut Pulse), and we prefer that all guests use the transceivers provided, so that the safety briefing is the same for all.  It is highly unlikely that transceivers wouldn't "speak" to each other, but we still prefer to use all the same beacon, as we have checked and double-checked our transceivers and it minimizes risk.  We have a guest pack available for every guest, with probes and shovels. If you prefer to bring your own pack with probe and shovel, you are quite welcome to as long as your equipment is high quality.
We have a few avalanche airbag packs for rent.  You need to book these in advance.  You are welcome to bring your own if you have them, but if you are flying make sure to arrange an air canister in advance, as you can't fly with compressed gas.