Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada


How far is it from the meeting point to the snowcat?

Big Red Cats has very quick and easy access to its ski terrain, which makes a multi-day experience simple and painless, even while staying at the resort.  It is about a 25-30 minute highway drive from our meeting point at Red Mountain Resort to our snowcat shed.  Because the highway takes us all the way up to 1500m, it is a simple and quick process.  You can take our shuttle bus, or there is parking for your own vehicle if you prefer.  The daily avalanche training is performed there, and from the cat shed, it is only 40 minutes to the top of the first run.

Note:  If you are a part of a multi-day full-cat group booking, you only need to do the safety briefing on the first day, and can arrange for the quick program on subsequent days.  In that case, it is just a 12-15 minute drive to the close highway drop, and only 20 minutes in the snowcat before your first run - not significantly different than the first-run travel time if staying at a remote lodge!  Only one of the 3 cats can do the quick drop, and the group heads out to the more remote terrain at Mt Mackie, Venus, and Claw - skiing on the way out and in on Mt Crowe and Neptune.