Big Red Catskiing Rossland BC Canada

The day before: Consider coming into BRC welcome centre and signing your waiver and getting your rental skis done - this will save lots of time on the morning of your cat skiing.   Also come into Cat-puccino the evening before - see all the video and photo's from the day.  There is normally someone in our welcome centre until about 6pm each night.  If you have a larger group of 12 - we can organise one of our team to stay back later to get your group all set up for the next day.

  • 0700  -If you need a great breakfast - come to Cat-puccino right next to our welcome centre.  Serving the best breakfast and coffee.  Cat-puccino has a great breakfast buffet - or just buy a coffee and a muffin. 
  • 0745 - You may not see a toilet for a while... consider this before leaving your lodging or use the toilets in Cat-puccino
  • 0800 - Be at our welcome centre at 0800 sharp! (we try to leave right away - if people are late that can cut into our skiing time) - or at least fifteen minutes earlier if you are renting skis. The welcome centre is at the base of Red Mountain ski resort in Rossland BC.  The address is 2-4430 Red Mountain Rd - it is in the Red Robs condo block, just before the Red Shutter Inn.  If you get to the roundabout, you've gone too far.  You will be required to sign a liability waiver and assumption of risks form which waives your rights to sue us, our staff and suppliers, and the Crown, for pretty much any reason. ne too far.  There is limited parking available here.  Please don't park in front of the restaurant, they don't like it.  The main resort lot isn't far away if our lots are full.  If you are planning on driving your own vehicle up behind our bus, rather than riding the bus, it's ok to park at the restaurant, just don't leave it there all day.
  • 0815 - The buses depart by this time to head for the cat staging area.
  • 0845 - Avalanche beacons are handed out, and some basic instruction and practice on how to use them is carried out at the cat staging area.
  • 0900 - 0915 - Board the snowcats
  • 0945 - First of many descents.  You will keep going all day, eating your lunch between runs in the snowcat.  There could be anything between 6 and 16 runs per day, depending on the group ability, size, snow speed, run selection, and time of season.  Usually an advanced group gets 10 runs or so, but that's a rule of thumb.  You'll just keep going, and the cat will usually be waiting for you at the bottom of each run.
  • 1515 - 1530 -  Last run is called in.  
  • 1600 - Get off of the snowcats, return your transceivers.
  • 1700 - Return to "Cat-puccino" watch photos and video from the day - prizes for the best face shot, best crash, best gest photo, and best video - food and drink available.

Lunch is provided.  Please advise in advance if you are vegetarian, or have food allergies or aversions such as nuts, gluten, or meats with cheese.  Please also advise the guides if you have any medical issues which could become important in a rescue situation.

You are welcome to bring additional snacks as well.  While drinking alcohol while skiing is not permitted, you are welcome to bring cold cans of brew for the cat descent after your last run.  There is space in the cat for a backpack with things such as extra mitts, goggles, hand warmers, layers.

You will be provided with an avalanche beacon, backpack, probe, and shovel and shown how to use it.  If you have your own, and feel that you will be more competent with your own as you have practised with it, you can bring your own instead.  

 You are also welcome and encouraged to bring your avalanche gear - although we strongly encourage all of our guests to use the BRC transcievers - because we know that they have been checked and it leads to less confusion in the training.